March 31, 2020
These are times where we all are going through circumstances such as we’ve never experienced before. Many of us are locked up in a little box called ‘our house’. It’s almost inevitable that more conflict than ever before is happening in your house.   You’re locked up with your loved ones. Yet everybody is lacking […]


February 18, 2020
The other day I shared a FB post about celebrating 18 years of marriage. I shared that during this time we experienced many moments of love as well as that we struggled. That we experienced some exciting adventures together and that it sometimes was just boring. That we made a lot of money and we […]

Parent or Partner?

December 02, 2019
Sometimes I wonder when the first government decides that before we’re allowed to become a parent, we need to take the ‘School for Parents’. That only after successfully completing that program, having babies is legal. Of course it’s totally absurd and from time to time as a parent I really could have done with it….. […]