Awareness Builder 101The unedited version

by Alex Verlek

Awareness Builder 101 was written to leave you with more questions than answers. Each of 52 reflections is an invitation to start thinking what that topic means to you. Read it, reflect on it, struggle with it, be annoyed by it, love it, talk with each other about it, take the words out for a walk; it’s all fine. The book comes to life when you find your meaning for the words in it. When you become aware what your perspective on this topic is and make conscious choices from there. Since it’s your life!

Awareness Builder 101 - Karen Kimsey
“In Awareness Builder 101, author Alex Verlek van Tienhoven invites us into an intimate, personal conversation designed to deepen our relationship with ourselves and expand our awareness of the world around us. Each of the 52 chapters feels like having coffee with a wide and dear friend and the book sparkles with humour and humanity. What a treasure!”
Karen Kimsey - House, Co-Founder, The Co-Active Training Institute, USA
Appreciation to Alex Verlek from Anastasia Mizitova
“I loved this book. It is vulnerable, sincere, strong, profound and very much Alex. It is different from all the coaching books I have read before. He is just being imperfect himself, and that’s his greatest gift to us all.”
Anastasia Mizitova, CPCC - PCC ICF, Russian Federation
Awareness Builder 101 - Vittoria Zipoli
“ A strong series of powerful questions leads the reader through a journey of growing awareness of your own power to choose the life you want. It’s all in the moment by moment ability to discern and choose actively. From how you tweet to how you treat your neighbors and more importantly yourself, every single decision becomes an opportunity to be who you want to be.”
Vittoria Zipoli, CPCC - PCC ICF, Owner and Founder AtuperTu, UK
Awareness Builder 101 - Alexandra Sønstegaard-Løvbugten
“ He became a prisoner of war since he could not forget, he could not let go. When I walked away, I cried. For all the unnecessary suffering." I cried as I was reading those words in Alex's book "Awareness Builder 101". Alex, in his raw, honest, informal and imperfectly perfect, yet profound and wise way, left me with more questions than answers. Through his 52 reflections ... read more on life and journaling questions after each chapter, he made me feel. He made me reflect. And, yes, he made me cry. His vulnerability, generousity and humanity touched me. All those chapters hold the topics that I would love to be a part of the deep, "heart to heart" conversations with close and dear friends of mine. Do yourself and your beloved ones a favour and read this book.”
Alexandra Sønstegaard-Løvbugten, CPCC - PCC ICF, HR Team Lead - AdsPro Group, Norway
Awareness Builder 101 - Irina Gorodetskaya
“ The book is very touching, honest and sincere. It indeed invites you to dig into awareness and self-reflection. I’ve adopted a ritual of reading one chapter before falling asleep. Love it”
Irina Gorodetskaya, CPCC, International Committee of the Red Cross, Switzerland
Awareness Builder 101 - Nader Kliebo
“ Loved the book. Simple language yet great impact. Touched my heart and soul and left me wondering what next for me. Sure to read it again. Thank you Alex.”
Nader Kliebo, Co-Active Life Coach (Kliebo Consultancy) и Founder
Managing Director (Kliebo Consultancy), Dubai
Awareness Builder 101 - Vivien Hau
“ Here is a quote I love - “Perfectionism hijacks satisfaction”. It’s a good reminder to give ourselves permission to cheer and celebrate by saying "I'm good. It's really good enough"! ”
Vivien Hau, Student, Singapore
Awareness Builder 101 - Pilar Raigon
“ When I bought Alex's book, I expected to read his own story. What I did not expect is that I would play the main character within this book. What do I mean? In short, the chapters are very powerful. Alex Verlek goes through different topics that all of us ... read more are touched by in one way or another: Joy, silence and so on. The magic of his book starts at the end of every chapter. Alex throws a number of very compelling questions for you to think, review and digest.

As a reader, I normally wrap-up a book very quickly. I believe it is the first time in my life I have taken the time to read a book at a slower pace. Every question was, in a good sense, a slap on my face. At the end of every chapter, I found myself with an internal conversation thinking about my life, my dreams, how to see the same situation through a different lens.

I was unable to rush to the next page, as I used to. I felt the need to answer first to Alex. More to the point, I owed an answer to myself.

The title of the book 'Awareness Builder 101' has reached its goal in my case.

I am totally moved by the sincerity, transparency and vulnerability that Alex has shown in ' Awareness Builder 101'.
Do I recommend this book? Absolutely not if you think your life has been designed already. If you think it is a waste of time to change anything. This book is for you even when you are happy with yourself. You will see that there are much more of yourself that you will discover.

Thank you Alex, for sharing your wisdom.
Pilar Raigon, CLBS Jobs, Thailand