Group Supervision for Certified Co-Active coaches


  • Six bi-weekly calls of 90 minutes where we will start with revisiting some of the theory. To refresh things and don’t be surprised if you learn lots of new things!
  • In each call one of you will be coaching another participant and you will receive constructive feedback to grow your coaching.
  • You will work in pairs in the other weeks based on a given structure to maximize your focused learning.
  • The learning will also be inspired by the lessons captured in my book ‘Golden Rules for Coaching’.


  • This program starts frequently with a new cohort. Usually on a different day of the week to make it accessible for people from all over the world.
  • Here is the schedule for the next cohort:  Thursdays, 19:00 PM CET on the following dates: March 21st. April 4th & 18th. May 2nd, 16th & 30th, 2024.
  • All 90-minutes group calls will take place on Zoom.


  • First it’s fun to be in a group with like-minded colleagues and co-create learning!
  • You will feel reconnected with the essence of Co-Active Coaching and feel more confident in applying the magic this model holds.
  • The 27 CCEU’s  you collect will be very useful when you are ready to renew your ICF-accreditation.


  • This program will only start in groups of 6 participants who commit to join all the calls. We need you to co-create the success of this program!
  • You’re expected to show up with the same dedication, presence and participation as if our calls were a coaching session.
  • You need to have the book ‘Golden Rules for Coaching’  and be willing to go through the requested pre-reading for each call.


  • Max 2 weeks prior to the first call you will receive confirmation the program will run
  • Your registration will be non-refundable from 21 days prior to the starting date. When cancelling between 22-30 days, you will be refunded 50%, 31 days or longer, 100%. You will receive the percentage minus € 50 for admin and handling costs.
  • Everything we share during our calls will be confidential. This includes both what you share personally as well as the provided materials.
  • The calls will be recorded so you can listen to them again afterwards and also this recording is for your eyes only.
  • You’re allowed to miss 1 call. Yet you are expected to listen to all of them. (when you miss more than 15 minutes of a call, it’s considered a missed call)
  • You’re expected to come to this group with an open and eager learning spirit, a willingness to coach as well as being coached. Also assuming good intent and if something happens that triggers you, instead of going to judgment, go to curiosity. And redesign!
  • The suggested learning attitude whilst joining this program is a desire to improve, not to impress.

“A year after certification this group supervision was the perfect way to reconnect with the co-active mindset and mechanics. A bonus was to be in community with a bunch of brilliant coaches and to practice, play and get great feedback to work with. The Golden Rules has deepened my wisdom and grown my appreciation for coaching. Alex makes it all come alive like a shot of adrenalin!”
Piers Freke-Evans, UK (CPCC/ACC)


Your investment: € 595 (incl. VAT)