date-icon 18th of March 2023
time-icon 09:30 SGT / 17:30 SGT





  • Coaches who are trained through ICF accredited programs;
  • Coaches who want to expand their range and add new tools to their repertoire;


A full-day Masterclass where you will get cool & creative coaching tools you can easily apply with your coachees.

Part 1: Relationship & Conflict Module

  • You'll explore a specially designed, brand new model whilst exploring relationships. Very hands-on, very deep. Easy to grasp, fast to apply whilst creating huge value for your coachees;
  • You'll get very practical coaching tools; To support this work even more, you will be introduced to two more new models.
  • Mastercoach Alex Verlek will offer coaching demos and you will be working in small groups to practice;

Part 2: Self-Care Module

  • A self-care module that helps coaches & their coachees with stress management & burnout prevention through awareness and self care practices. A gift to your coachees and maybe a bonus to you...
  • You’ll learn to recognise risk factors, symptoms & root causes of a potential burnout.
  • You'll explore & get a unique, specially designed set of images to start this conversation with your coachees.
  • You'll dive into specific coaching skills equipping the coach to be with the coachee's emotions.
  • You'll get hands-on tools supporting your coachees to understand their current situation; as well as what they want instead;

Your ROI for this Masterclass:

  • New Tools. Confidence to go the extra mile with your coachees, when they need you being there with them maybe even more than ever.
  • You'll spend this day with a supportive community of like-minded people.
  • You'll enjoy coffee and tea during this workshop.
  • 7 CCEU's by ICF

*Please inform yourself about cancellation policy here: Cancellations made 14 days or more in advance of the event date, will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 7 - 13 days will incur a 50% fee. Cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the event will incur a 100% fee.




  • Mastercoach and senior CTI-Faculty member Alex Verlek (MCC/CPCC)
  • Author of ‘Golden Rules for Coaching’ (new release!!) & ‘Awareness Builder 101’
  • Alex is Dutch and is leading coaching workshops all over the world and holds all the roles in the Co-Active Certification program.
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach - Alex VerlekMaster Certified Coach - Alex Verlek


Review of the Masterclass for Coaches, Anna Kmetova - Alex Verlek
"The masterclass was great - content wise, structure wise, very laid back and authentic. My biggest takeaway was normalizing of some of my experiences and thoughts. I loved the tools shared and I liked that there was a lot of space for asking you questions and sharing our ... read more input. The coaching demos were mind-blowing! it is not common to have a Master Coach talking and sharing so much and it was a real treat! Thank you Alex for this enriching and fun masterclass!"
Anna Kmetova,
Co-Active Coach, CPCC,
Review of the Masterclass for Coaches, Ida Rutten - Alex Verlek
"Alex creates an open and courageous space in which he generously shares from his extensive coaching knowledge and experience, while encouraging participants to share from their experiences also. I was inspired by Alex and the other participants and felt my passion ... read more for coaching has been deepened even further during the day. Alex is On Purpose as Awareness Builder and this contagiously resonates through the space during this masterclass that I highly recommend!"
Ida Rutten,
Co-Active Coach, CPCC,
Review of the Masterclass for Coaches, Dr. Carsten Pfahlert - Alex Verlek
“Expectations exceeded! I attended the coaching masterclass with Alex in Utrecht in February 2020. Alex has an abundance of experience and is happily sharing all of it. We had a broad range of coaches in class; from just starting in the business to years of experience. There was a lot to learn ... read more for everyone and ample time for practicing. In addition to practicing some new tools we also touched on ethics, business development and some practical aspects in the life of a coach, no matter if you are a full-time employee or a freelancer. In one sentence: I got much more out of this day than I could have imagined. Thank You, Alex!”
Dr. Carsten Pfahlert,
Trainer & Coach
Review of the Masterclass for Coaches, Jenny Felicitas Bartz - Alex Verlek
“I really enjoyed and got very inspired by your Masterclass. Not just the input but the energy you have created in such a short time, is still with me today. I feel seen, heard and clear since the short coaching I received from you. You made it so easy to trust you and you really ... read more do cut through all bullshit! With not many words! It seemed so easy to see myself (my real Self) through you. It was a powerful experience for me. I can’t Thank you enough! Coming all the way from Germany, experiencing all kinds of adventures on my way home was worth meeting you.Your commitment to humanity is deep and pure and I am glad I was in the presence of it."
Jenny Felicitas Bartz,
Co-Active Coach, CPCC,
Review of the Masterclass for Coaches, Jimmy Lee - Alex Verlek
“Alex’s Masterclass for coaches is a wonderful programme to experience if you want to deepen your coaching practice. My key takeaways were new tools, processes and lots of laughter. Tools were very practical and you can apply them immediately in your coaching practice. The practice ... read more sessions were fun and Alex was unreserved in sharing his years of experience on how to be a more effective coach and be lazy at the same time! Super inspiring and thought provoking. You have to experience this 1-day programme if you are a coach!”
Jimmy Lee, CPCC
Senior Principal Consultant & Leadership
Coach Civil Service College, Singapore


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