Let's Coach!

a free call for coaches

This summer I’d like to invite you for some free of charge calls where we hang out as coaches, co-create some learning and to watch the demo coaching I will do during these calls.


  • Free of charge, 60 minutes Zoom-calls with eager to learn coaches.
  • To connect and to dive into your questions.
  • To witness and debrief a demo with one of you.


  • Tuesday July 9th, 19:00-20:00 CET


  • First of all, it’s fun to be in a group with like-minded colleagues and to co-create learning!
  • You will get 1 FREE CCEU to help you renew your next ICF-credentials.


  • Registered? You’re expected to join the call or cancel timely to not block a spot without using it.
  • All on the call will be treated with respect and the coaching with confidentiality.
  • One of you volunteers to be the client. Claim your spot for fee coaching!
  • Join with a mindset of celebration and connection.
  • To claim your free CCEU, you need to attend the entire call.


Your investment: it’s FREE!