My mom told me that the first sentence I could speak when I was a little boy was: “Alex can do it alone.” If my mom would have been a coach back then, she could have asked: “Alex, what is important to you about that?”  And maybe, if I were a smart-ass kid, I would have said: “I’m honouring my value of independence.”


Something like that. Total BS, of course 🙂 As a little boy, I just wanted to try out things and discover the world on my own.


Later on, when this little boy grew in a bit of a bigger boy, he was still trying to do everything alone. Totally convinced that this is the best way.


Eventually I discovered that there is nothing wrong with value of independence or doing things alone. Yet, you are human, social  being. And you are meant to be in interaction with  other people. You are meant to use each other’s skills, each other’s talents in order to create something bigger together.


So I’ve discovered the quality of Asking For Help. Because I can’t do everything on my own. And it is amazing to see  how people are kind enough to offer their help when you just ask for it. They surprise you even with how far they would go for that.


Asking for help is often something that we shy away from. And it proved  to be actually Leadership Skill N1.


I’m curious to know what is your relationship with it?