Murphy’s Law in action.

May 12, 2020

In its simplest form, Murphy’s Law states: If anything can go wrong, it will. 


And it’s more or less the story of a specific part of my book project..


Maybe, one day I’ll tell you everything about it… 😉


Today’s video was born as a reflection of me being frustrated over a long-term, let’s say ‘less professional’ job done by one of my service providers.  Seriously, Murphy’s Law was fully active…


As I was struggling with controlling my temper, at some point I realised that this same book, Awareness Builder 101, has a chapter called “Enemies”.


Enemies often are our best teachers, aren’t they?


I shot a new Tuesday video for you today with my reflections around this topic.



Once you’ve had a chance to watch it, I’d love to hear from you. Where do you have your enemies? And what do they want to teach you? And what is your part in all of this? Feel free to leave a comment on this blog and share your thoughts.


P.S. And if you haven’t read my book already, you can read the reviews and buy your copy here -> Awareness Builder 101



  1. Karen Kitagawa-Froese says:

    Alex, this couldn’t have been timed better. My husband lost his job last week and in these unique times finding a new one has its complexities. From your clip, here is what I am asking myself: what can I do differently to refocus the situation, what can I do to help myself and lastly what and who are most important to focus on? Like you said, just when everything seems smooth and easy, life shifts and you have a new perspective and horizon to look towards. Thank you and take care

    1. Julia Wilson says:

      Alex – I absolutely love this and immediately thought of two current situations where your questions turn my thinking on its head – and make these people (who I have been calling terrible names in my head) into teachers. Awesomeness – and thank you!

      1. Alex Verlek says:

        Thanks for your reply Julia! Glad you could make that shift in perspective! Keep up the good work!

    2. Alex Verlek says:

      Wow Karen, sorry to hear about that challenging situation yet how powerful are you in how you deal with it!

  2. Patti Martin says:

    Hi Alex – I love the question and the freedom to interpret “enemy”. What I think about in that word is a larger space of “interruption” – events, people that interrupt the flow of what my intention is/was. I am, and most of us are, learning to adapt and pivot as each time there is something new to life – could be something small (my key fob for car needs a new battery) to a larger impact of no work. With the key fob – oh, I get to enjoy another walk over to the car dealership, and isn’t that wonderful they are available. With no/less work, I am reminded that I am in training for fuller retirement so how do I want to use my energy and focus.
    I am reminded of a saying that was shared decades ago with me by Richard Bolles: when we awake, there are 2 plans for you, the one you make and the one the universe has for you. Your invitation to ask “what is this teaching me”? is terrific. Thanks for the inspiration and nudge!

    1. Alex Verlek says:

      Thanks Patti for sharing your wise words and that powerful quote!!

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