Your Permission to Listen to Your Body.

August 04, 2020

15 years ago I was going through a challenging time with my health. And there was a physiotherapist I worked with who asked the same question over and over again each time I complained about something that was not going well with my body.


She said: “What is your body asking for? What does your body need?”


I hated those questions because each time it put responsibility for  my own health & wellbeing back in my own shoes.


As many of you know around Easter I got hospitalized with a seriously herniated disk. From the hospital I reached out to the physiotherapist to check if she could help.


Guess what she asked? 🙂


“Alex, what is your body asking for? What does your body need?”


Responsibility back on me. Again! 


And there’s so much truth in it. I’m convinced that what we put in our mouth, what we allow to sink in our heart, what we allow to stick to our brain, what we allow to feed our spirit with, it has an impact on our wellbeing.


So partly, maybe even for a big part we are responsible for the health that we are in.


I share my reflections with you in the new video below:



P.S. Once you’ve had a chance to watch my new video, I’d love to hear from you. What is it that you’re putting in your mouth or what you allow to land in your heart? How do you feed your spirit? What do you allow to stick to your brain? What of that is not serving your health? And where is it you can do a bit more? Or a bit less? Feel free to leave a comment on this blog and share your thoughts.


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