Border Collie Syndrome.

January 28, 2020

Today I wanted to talk with you about my dog, Bibi. The best dog in the world.


And my dog is a Border Collie. Something that stands out about this kind of dog is their “will to please”. No greater joy than pleasing their boss.


This quality would make any employee the employee of the year:-)


They please and please and will do so even to the point it’ll kill them.


An inexperienced owner of a border collie can overlook how tired they actually are, to the point they could drop dead in their unstoppable will to please. I call this overdeveloped will to please  –  the “Border Collie Syndrome”.


And sadly enough, you and I sometimes suffer from that same Border Collie Syndrome. What is it  that makes us act as we are the Border Collie dogs?  And what I invite you to do instead?


Check my video answer below:



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