March 31, 2020

These are still times where we all are going through circumstances such as we’ve never experienced before. Many of us are locked up in a little box called ‘our house’. It’s almost inevitable that more conflict than ever before is happening in your house.


You’re locked up with your loved ones. Yet everybody is lacking space and breathing time as they are trying to do their best to re-adjust to the new reality.


So what can we do to help ourselves and our loved ones to not blow the conflict out of the proportions. To keep it within reason instead? And more importantly, how do we want to be when conflict is happening?


Watch my video – answer below.  And please share in the comments below what are YOUR best conflict resolution strategies these days?



P.S. By the way, the brand new, specially designed ‘Conflict Transformation Model’ is one of the coaching tools I will be presenting during my online masterclass held on the 19th of February 2021. If you are interested to join, please do not wait too long. 40% of all tickets were sold after 3 days.


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  1. Patti says:

    Hi Alex – looking forward to “seeing” you on zoom this Friday.
    I see the video and your physical movement but no sound unfortunately.

    1. Alex Verlek says:

      Dear Patti. Please click on the video and you will see it with sound. Sorry, this is due to technical problems from hosting provider. We are currently looking into it. See you on Friday. Axx

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