March 23, 2020

One of the most forgotten coaching skills.

The time and space we give our clients at the very beginning of the coaching session to get stuff of their chest so they can be present to the session.

You know, when they just got a speeding ticket or they had an argument with their partner or colleague. Or their pet just died. That letter from the tax authorities they didn’t expect.

All these things occupy your clients mental space and unless you give them a chance to vent this, it’s very likely they stay in that energy the whole session.

The special times we’re now experiencing, has an impact on everybody. Not a single person in the world isn’t impacted. For some the impact is huge, for others not so much.

Yet we don’t know, maybe our clients aren’t even aware of the energy they carry.
What a gift that you slow down a moment to check in with them. To ask how they’re doing.

A way to do this, is to use the body-mind-heart-spirit check in. After asking them to slow down their breathing, maybe close their eyes, you do a ‘body scan’. You ask them what they notice in their mind. How their heart is doing. What’s happening for their spirit.

No need to even answer those questions, just let them connect with it.

After completing this, ask them if they feel like sharing something. If there is anything they need to get of their chest, if there’s something they feel like venting. Maybe they just want to ‘complain’ for a few minutes.

Whilst you focus on the whole person, let them be. Let them connect with what is going on for them and only after that, they are ready to focus and be present.

Even that is not a given! Maybe they need more time, maybe even the whole session for this. This is where you either give them way more space than normal to be in ‘story telling’ mode.As long as you feel they are exploring new grounds, cleaning up their energy, fine, let it be.


From there you may also choose to go into Process coaching. When you feel there is a stuck emotion, a stuck energy, ask permission to go and explore that.

Bottomline, meet your clients where they are and when clearing is needed, give them the space for it.

And oh, what is it that you need to clear before you can be fully present? Remember, coaches are just normal human beings….


BE well. DO good.

Alex Verlek, CPCC/MCC


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love 💓 this. Thank you for sharing !

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