Creating from the mess.

April 21, 2020

It was Saturday April 11th, now ten days ago. I remember enjoying the sun on my body, whilst sitting on my little tractor mowing the lawn. Nice and relaxed, just cruising 😎 


I’ve just finished a series of 10 webinars with coaches and HR-pro’s from all around the world in response to what’s going on with Covid19. With no other intention but to inspire and support each other. Just get together and exchange our vision and ideas. What and how to create from the current mess. How to take care of each other as well as off ourselves. 


In those same weeks I recorded several videos, underlining we’re all ‘just’ human beings. Human beings with in essence very, very similar basic needs. Groups I asked special attention for were the elderly and other fragile groups, such as addicts and people who live alone. To not forget about them, knowing they need (y)our support now more than ever!


And then, a few hours later, I just made one wrong move…

One move that totally turned things upside down…


Long story short, I ended up in hospital with a seriously herniated disc with very little strength in the right leg and foot. 


From mowing the lawn, to taken to hospital by ambulance and wheeled into the Intensive Care.


No visits possible. So here I was, alone, afraid and fragile


Yesterday, after 10 days horizontal and still ongoing heavy medication, I celebrated being on my feet again for the first time. It was both a moment of victory as well as of fear. Will my legs carry me? It was an emotional moment where tears of relief blended with tears of joy. 


The physiotherapist in the hospital took a picture of me, whilst standing behind the walking support. When I looked at the picture I thought ‘yak, I look horrible, I’m a mess!!’


When we’re being portrayed, we want to look good, right? To the max silly, not like this…




Earlier in this process, when I had an off day, I already reconnected with the fighter in me. I realised that feeling sorry for myself wouldn’t help me conquer this one. The fighter in me was awakened, check 


Today I realized that there is another essential factor I need to deal with: my ego. 


As long as I feel embarrassed for having my picture taken under such circumstances, I’ll keep fighting my biggest enemy: myself. I’m convinced that, with the right people around me, I’m going to turn this dust to gold. I need to get over myself to support and inspire myself and others to create from the current mess.


This is just my little story. Probably you’ve got yours. Where in your life is your ego getting in your way of simply being human and creating from the mess? Leave a comment below and support and inspire others with your story.


BE well. DO good. 

Alex Verlek, © April 2020

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  1. John Belge says:


    You are already spinning gold from_____! You are courageous both in your approach to rehab and your willingness to show vulnerability: physically and emotionally.

    You are inspiring me to step it up, for that I thank you.

    I don’t know what the future holds, but I know whatever is to come you will find a way to continue to inspire all those around you.

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