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April 28, 2020

It’s SO good to be back home and out of hospital!


Just one week ago I could, with help and behind a walker, make my first steps again after totally unexpected being hospitalised with a herniated disc and an ‘unwilling’ right leg.


Today I’m able to do short walks with my walker – whom I called Johnny – just outside of my garden for which I’m SO grateful!


Last weeks has for sure taught me a new dimension of the word DISCIPLINE.


As in respecting what is not (yet) or (at all) possible …


This is why I shot a new video today where I want to share my reflections with you.



Once you’ve had a chance to watch it, I’d love to hear from you. What are DO’s and DONT’s that you need to explore to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself? Leave a comment below and let me know.


  1. Nicole Haller says:

    Hej Alex, thanks for your inspiring words. I can only imagine how your recent experiences have been for you through, see it as an opportunity to learn is very inspiring for me.
    I have my troubles with discipline, my saboteur just says I have none, not by increasing my fitness or loosing weight, not by eating healthy nor in limiting my consumption. My DO‘s with discipline are: give myself time to change habits; take it step by step, slowly but steady; be gentle on myself in case I have a weak moment, I have a choice and accept my limits. My DONT‘S: too ambitious, unrealistic goals in too short time, perfection, compare myself to others, the believe that everybody else is more disciplined than me.
    I‘m on my way. It‘s not one day, it‘s day one.
    Warm regards, Nicole

  2. Elise Li says:

    Hey Alex, I’m so happy to see you back home and take video again. I know it’s not easy to stand up(“stand up”) again and create from mess. You are the one who inspires me. Recently I have been through a no reason breaking up which put me into the hard truth model of life.

    I’m grateful to this while still I’m crying from time to time, feel lost and painful in the bottom of heart. However, at the same time, I see/experience my own authority inside me and keep telling me who I am. I will keep doing my recovery on soul as you are doing your recovery on body.

    I believe the whole world are lightening up by our responsibility for our own. We create more awareness and make less unconsciousness to make it a better place to live.

    To the people who are in suffer and still choose to STAND UP!

  3. Estelle L says:

    Hi Alex, very touched by your video and so please to see you back home in your beautiful garden! Thank you for sharing your reflections. I have always have some issues with the word ”discipline” that i associate with obedience and tough rules imposed with not always a good reason! But c’est moi! To reach my goals my DO’s are : I have routines and tips that i set for myself depending on what I want to achieve. They help me keep the level of energy i need, keep me in focus, guide me when in doubt, or when situations are uncertain/unstable. And also I have learnt to accept that sometimes i need more time, that a step back is not a bad thing and let me make the shifts i need to move forward. When it comes to my DONT’s : working on it … putting a lot of pressure on myself (Instead i repeat to myself : I have all the time in the world), being a perfectionist instead of striving for excellence, giving too much space to my saboteurs, devaluating myself. Nobody is perfect and Rome has not been built in 1 day. Stay safe and hope you fully recover fast. Warm regards, Estelle

  4. Alex Verlek says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Nicole! And I love your statement “It‘s not one day, it‘s day one”! And please remember: We can always start over again!!

  5. Alex Verlek says:

    Thanks for your open and courageous post Elise! You rock!! Thanks for your encouragement to all who struggle: STAND UP!

  6. Alex Verlek says:

    Thanks for your words Estelle🙏
    And welcome to the club of imperfectionizts 😉

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