March 18, 2020

When ‘one of those days’ becomes ‘one those weeks’. Not fun.


When ‘one of those weeks’ becomes ‘one of those months’… That’s when you start wondering why the f☆ck this is happening to you. That’s when you might wonder what Murphy likes so much about teasing you…


When life seems to have this powerful plot against you and that it feels you’re just ‘hand picked by the devil’ to be tested and pushed to the limit.


The sun lost its brightness and the moon its magic. The stars are colliding and the planets are wrongly positioned.


The planets.. hmm, is this evidence for Mercury’s retrograde…? It’s that time of the year after all…


Or is it simply Murphy’s law


where everything that could possibly go wrong indeed will go wrong?


It feels that even that dammed Corona virus was invented to give you a hard time…


What the hell is going on…?!?


People around you start asking if you’re doing alright. Your environment clearly picks up your negative, to the point of depressed energy. And, when you’re honest, you feel it yourself. You are clearly not at your best and you’ve started to feel sorry for yourself.


You start complaining that you work so hard and really, really give it all you’ve got. Even your best doesn’t seem to be enough! Which makes you angry since once you’ve read ‘The Four Agreements’ which says all you can do is your best.


Bottom line, you agree with yourself that life is just unfair and the world should feel sorry for you. As you do…


Wake up and read that book again!


Yes, it indeed says that all you can do is your best. Yet, it doesn’t promise at all that when you try something, it will always be a great success, nor does it define what success is.


Not every race you start, you will win, even if you did your very, very best.


It’s time to start making a distinction between not winning and being a loser. No, not being a winner doesn’t make you a loser! Nor does it mean you’re not good enough or tried hard enough.


It simply means the universe loves you so much that it avoids you becoming spoiled rotten and arrogant. You might be born with a golden spoon in your mouth, yet sometimes you will be fed something bitter on that golden spoon.


Just because life isn’t always only serving desserts and champagne! It’s a normal and even healthy part of life that we experience ups and downs. It forms and shapes us, it teaches us essential lessons.


I’m sure you get all this. You’re a smart person after all and looking back at the challenges life gave you, you probably even see the gift in the struggle.


What I find the toughest part in all of this, is to stand firm and not overreact in the midst of the storm. To hold on to the believe this storm will pass and that I’m experiencing this storm since I need to learn something. That I need to transform into an upgraded version of myself and that, before getting there, I have to go through the goo.


So, how do you choose to be whilst going from goo to good?


When life’s sand storms are shaping you, will you make the process even harder with all your complaining and feeling sorry for yourself?


Or do you choose to lean into the pain, take some deep breaths and hold your head up high?


Yes, even when we go through difficult times, we’re at choice. How we choose to be whilst we’re in the midst of a storm, will make a huge difference how we’ll experience the storm.


It’s a tough one and I frequently fail myself. These are the moments that I’m grateful to have people around who love me so much, that they give me honest feedback on my behaviour. And at the same time put an arm around my shoulder, asking what I need to stand tall. This takes a lot since it’s much easier to complain about someone’s behaviour, than to be there for them. With loving, courageous honesty.


Sometimes we’re the one that struggles. Sometimes we’re the witness. In both cases our response to that makes all the difference. Murphy’s law nor Mercury’s retrogrgrade are there to tease you. They’re there just to test and grow you. If you dare to allow it and choose to create something good from going through the goo.


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