What’s the story..?

February 01, 2022

The year 2022 is already a month old, can you believe it?

2021 is history and it feels many don’t mind at all. The pandemic still kept the world in its tight grip. Huge numbers of people suffered greatly because of this, many even paid the ultimate price.

Many younger people experienced the first real setback in their life, and struggled with this to the point of burn out. Travelling was still a challenge and countless business owners lost all they’ve worked for. Parents had to homeschool, often combined with a full time job. Especially for single parents, this was really tough!

The elderly still experienced super annoying limitations, frequently leading to not being able to see their loved ones. We all know the list of Covid-related struggles is a lot longer. 


On top of all this, many countries suffered from war, earth quakes, famine, volcano’s erupting, hurricanes and much more. Locally even more catastrophes can be listed.


The world, with its 7.8 billion people, struggled. 7.8 billion individuals. This includes you and me. Fair chance I don’t know much about how 2021 was for you, nor the other way around.

The number 7.8 billion doesn’t tell me that much, it feels so anonymous. It gets so much more personal and real when we look at the individual and their story. When we look them in their eyes when they share how 2021 was for them. When we hold them in our arms when they shed their tears. Or when we see the twinkles in their eyes when they share stories of joy and gratitude.

Some of the stories are highly influenced by the challenging circumstances yet it’s really special to see how individuals respond differently to similar circumstances. I got inspired by the statement from someone who had a really tough year, yet claimed that she would no longer be held back by circumstances. No matter the circumstances, she would find her way.

No matter the circumstances, she would write the story that would make her proud of herself, that would fulfill her. Wow… so much power and courage in such a statement, in such a claim.

It made me think. What am I willing to claim, in spite of what is going in the world, in my life?

One thing that came out that reflection, was to take my new book “Golden Rules for Coaching” on a big trip over the world. Look for the support that’s needed for such an idea, get creative, find the possibilities and make it happen! Against all odds, give it a go.


Maybe some things won’t happen, or turn out differently but at least I want to feel proud at the end of the year that I gave it a try, that I did my best. The stories I’ll collect, the people I’ll meet, the adventures I’ll experience; they for sure will fulfill me!


You see the question coming: What is the story you choose to write, in spite of, or even maybe due to the circumstances you find yourself in.

Let’s keep inspiring ourselves and each other by the stories you choose to write.

You matter, your story matters! It’s yours to claim it. It’s yours to write it.


January 2022, ©Alex Verlek


  1. Heather Cribbin says:

    Alex, this is the best “new year” post I’ve read yet. Thank you. As I wrestle with how I want 2022, and my foreseeable future to look, I feel most inspired by this perspective, and challenge. I don’t feel overwhelmed, or unable to relate, but instead I feel a part of something profoundly human – moving my perspective from struggle to creation. Thank you.

    1. Alex Verlek says:

      Dear Heather, thanks for your reply. I believe the pen you’ll pick up to write your story, will not be too heavy to lift. You have the courage, strength and wisdom to do so.

  2. Patti says:

    For me, the past 2 years have reminded me of the fine line we dance with connection and perception. I have recognized the incredible value and importance that being there for others, listening for what isn’t said or expressed and acknowledging the place where we “be”. It has been a time of immense gratitude for what I claim in terms of health and focus when all around there is much chaos and suffering. I am so fortunate to be able to be present for others and for myself and to have people in my circle who return the favour.

    1. Alex Verlek says:

      Dear Patti,
      Thanks for sharing this. Thanks for being there for yourself and for others. Thanks for being a generous, safe haven.

  3. Lorelei says:

    Love this. What am I willing to claim? What is the story I will write in 2022. Where intention goes, energy flows. Time to set the intention and keep moving in that direction no matter what happens around me. Thanks for the inspiring message Alex.

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