Don’t fight or do fight?

February 13, 2021

I was not allowed to have an argument or fight with my siblings when I grew up.


My mom’s words: “Kids, don’t fight!” are sometimes still echoing in my head. 


I get it when one is raising 4 small children that this can be a real pain and  it takes a lot to keep things under control.


Yet what I’ve noticed is how these words are influencing me being in conflicts in my relationships. With my friends, family, also in my romantic relationship.


As we are talking about romantic relationships..


A lot has changed in 2021. Many of us are locked up in a little box called ‘our house’. It’s almost inevitable that more conflict than ever before is happening in your house. 


You’re locked up with your loved ones. Yet everybody is lacking space and breathing time as they are trying to do their best to re-adjust to the new reality.


If you then have an idea that you can not be in a conflict, this can lead to additional challenges & frustrations. 


My point is that we have to learn how to be in a conflict. Especially in our romantic relationships. With the conflict being a healthy & inevitable part of our relationships.


I share my reflections with you in the short video below:



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