The moment you wrote YOUR history…

January 19, 2021

Today I’d like to speak with you about a really cool paradox. Paradox between two words: NOW and HISTORY.


For a long time I thought that these words have nothing in common. That they were maybe even excluding each other.

Whilst reflecting on it, I realized that these words have a lot to do with each other. They are like family!


We coaches like to speak about being in the NOW. The intriguing part here is that what happens in the NOW actually is writing our history.


Yes, history is something that happened in the past. Yet when we wrote history, that was a NOW back then.


The moment where you decided, for instance, to say YES to somebody or NO to something, that exact moment you took a decision which wrote part of YOUR history.


The more conscious we are in the NOW, the more we would like the story that we create. The story that at some point in our lives we will call our history.


So here is my invitation: when you want to write history, take a moment to reflect on how you want to show up in the HERE and NOW.


I share my reflections with you in my new short video.


Watch it below.



P.S. When you’ve had a chance to watch it, I’d love to hear from you what the story is you want to write through your choices right here, right now. Leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. Alonso says:

    I love reading and watching you sharing your thoughts. Yes, NOW I am creating that in the next second will become part of HISTORY.

    Your message reminded me of a poem in Goethe’s Faust:

    “If ever I to the moment shall say:
    Beautiful moment, do not pass away!
    Then you may forge your chains to bind me,
    Then I will put my life behind me,
    Then let them hear my death-knell toll,
    Then from your labours, you’ll be free,
    The clock may stop, the clock-hands fall,
    And time come to an end for me!”

    Yes, cherish the NOW, AND be conscious that you are creating HISTORY at every moment.

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