Your inner child: reconnected

January 14, 2020

The other day, in the feedback round of a course I’d been leading, a participant shared that I inspired her to reconnect with the child in her. When she spoke, she had happy tears in her eyes. Her eyes sparkled. They sparkled with a different kind of energy. I saw playfulness and creativity. Lightness and joy. Hope and even a tiny bit of ‘not giving a fuck’. A bit rebellious maybe, ready to stir things up.
This feedback felt as one of the bigger compliments I’ve received in a long time…


You know, when we look at those young kids, don’t we all melt a bit?


When we see how carefree they dare to be, aren’t we all a bit jealous?


When we witness how they respond when they make a mistake – and just keep trying – aren’t we all longing to have that back again?


Aren’t we longing back to those years where we were still clueless what ‘ego’ or ‘perfectionism’ meant? Where we weren’t aware of ‘politically correct’?


These years of our pure, childlike innocence and playfulness. Where did they go…..?


Maybe that’s even the wrong question to ask! Maybe instead ask yourself, where did the child in me go?


You’re still the same person, your DNA didn’t change. In essence, you’re still the same. Ok, I totally get that with growing up certain responsibilities come. Yet, does it all have to be so serious? Really…?


My longing for you is that you reconnect with your inner child and listen with an open heart for what it’s asking, or even screaming for. What is it that wants to break free again? You didn’t go through your teenage years to become a boring adult after all, did you?


Here is a request: will you look for a picture of you as a child and spend some time reconnecting with what you see, what you feel in its essence?


Then compare that with what you now see in the mirror. On a picture where you’re not posing to look impressive on social media.


What do you notice?


From there, what do you long for?



© Alex Verlek, January 2020


  1. Monica says:

    Very nice written Alex! .
    It’s important to connect with our inner child! We can have wise insights from that experience!
    Thank you!

    1. Alex says:

      Thanks Monica for your comment! Yes, our inner child… such a gift. I hope the two of you keep playing together 🙂

  2. Alexandra says:

    I was so touched by your words that I actually called my mom and asked her to send me my child picture. And what wants to break free is courage, creativity, confidence and experimenting with new things (personally and professionally). All those are my exact intentions for 2020. Thank you for your wisdom and yet another powerful reminder❤?

    1. Alex says:

      Thanks for your message Alexandra and I am glad this blog inspired you! And wow, 2020 feels like a really cool adventure for you!

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