New Year’s Resolutions. Forgotten.

January 21, 2020

Here we are. 


It’s already mid-January. Time flies when one is having fun, isn’t it? 


And here is an intriguing thing. I hear a lot of people talking about New Year’s Resolutions. They’re actually not just talking about it. They are complaining about it.


They want those extra kilos to go, zero alcohol, marathon level of jogging and exercises, daily meditation practices.

All that from the 1st of January. Of course. 


All those are great intentions. And yet… 


Here we are in the second half of January. The kilos are still there, the first bottles of wine have been opened and frequently it’s just too cold for jogging or way too early for morning meditations. 


Isn’t it intriguing? Because all those people with NY Resolutions are brilliant and smart people.
What is it that those New Year’s Resolutions do not work? And what I invite you to do instead? 


Check my video answer below:



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